We’ve all heard it: the next great thing.

But there are lots of great reasons to be optimistic about the future of astronomy.

The Sun will reach a maximum in 2024 and astronomers hope it will be bright enough to see the first light of the cosmos.

And then there’s Pluto, the largest of our solar system’s moons.

It is thought to be the largest body in our solar neighborhood and, if it ever becomes a planet, it would be the most intriguing.

Now it’s up to NASA to decide whether to send a spacecraft to the dwarf planet in 2019, or wait for another mission to find out.

The agency says the new probe will begin its journey on July 4, 2019, when the International Space Station will be on the same orbit as the Pluto probe.

And the first mission will be a scientific mission to determine the composition of Pluto’s atmosphere, according to NASA.

The New Horizons probe, the probe that was launched in 2004 to explore Pluto, will arrive in 2017 to begin its mission to the Pluto system.

There will be some questions about whether the spacecraft will be able to see and measure the Pluto surface at all.

NASA is looking to use a variety of imaging techniques to find Pluto.

This probe will use a combination of X-ray and infrared imaging to measure the surface composition and composition of the surface, according the agency.

It will also measure the gravity of Pluto to better understand its internal structure.

“We’re looking to get a good understanding of the atmosphere and the dynamics of the planet,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for science at NASA.

“It will be interesting to see what the composition looks like on Pluto, how much the atmosphere is affected by the planet’s rotation, and the composition and density of the outer layers of the Pluto bodies, and what those structures look like on the surface of Pluto.”

Pluto is the largest planet in our Solar System, orbiting a star about the size of our sun.

It has an ocean of liquid water, and its surface has craters that look like moons.

Pluto is also a dwarf planet, so it’s likely the largest object in our Galaxy.

The dwarf planet orbits its star every 11 days, which is less than the average distance between the Earth and the Sun, according an estimate from NASA.

New Horizons is the first spacecraft to fly by Pluto.

It took a while to get the spacecraft into orbit around Pluto because it had to be launched into a highly elliptical orbit around the dwarf star.

That made it extremely sensitive to the planet and its atmosphere, and it was able to fly over Pluto to observe it.

The first New Horizons spacecraft to reach the dwarf world will have to make a series of flybys to learn more about its surface, atmosphere, climate and other details about its internal structures.

But scientists are optimistic that New Horizons will be ready to go to the next level of scientific discovery by 2021.

New Horizon will study Pluto for five years to learn about the planet, how it formed, and how its atmosphere is formed.

In 2019, New Horizons’ scientists hope to launch a spacecraft that will study the surface chemistry of the dwarf, using the spacecraft’s instruments.

Scientists hope that the probe will eventually find evidence that the surface is made of a liquid or solid material.

That will help them to determine how much liquid water the planet may have and what it contains.

In the meantime, New Horizon is planning to send its instruments to Pluto and its moons, including Charon, Enceladus and the newly discovered dwarf planet Nix.

NASA hopes that the New Horizons mission will lead to more scientific discoveries about the nature of Pluto and other worlds in our galaxy.

“The New Horizons Pluto mission is a significant milestone in the exploration of our Solar system,” said Alan Stern, administrator of NASA.

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