How to get an international trip to the Moon? Here’s how to get your friends and family involved

Russian cosmonaut Alexander Samokutyaev is the first cosmonauts to make a long-duration spacewalk on a spacecraft for the International Space Station (ISS).

On Thursday, the ISS crew of two, Russian cosplayer Anton Shkaplerov and French astronaut Didier Ainslie, will take Samokutov’s Soyuz MS-02 capsule to the ISS for a 10-day, 12-orbit spacewalks in a bid to establish a permanent crew station.

Here are a few tips for getting started.1.

Start your journey with the best of intentions.

Samokutskiy and Ainslies crews have been planning the long-distance spacewalking trip for a while.

They wanted to spend more time in the Russian cosmodrome near Moscow, where the International Astronautical Union (IAU) is headquartered, where they would work on their instruments and build the capsule, as well as in the ISS’ scientific laboratory.

This was one of the main reasons why they planned for the trip in 2017.

Samkovitskiy said: “The ISS has become a place where we can do experiments on different kinds of objects.

We also want to explore some of the Russian scientific instruments on the ISS.

We wanted to do it here on Earth.

We want to visit the ISS as soon as possible.”

The trip will be made possible through an agreement between the ISS and Russian company Roscosmos.

It is expected that they will be able to begin preparations to send their spacecraft to the space station on April 20, 2024.2.

Plan ahead.

“We’ll start preparations for the launch of the spacecraft in March 2020.

The spacecraft will be loaded with the payload and it will be sent to the station.

We will use the launch vehicle that will take off from Baikonur Cosmodrome,” said Samokatskiy.3.

Be prepared to deal with delays.

The Russian cosplay duo will fly into the station and will stay for 12 days, which means that they have to keep their heads above water to avoid hypothermia and hypoxia.

They will have to avoid any extreme cold temperatures, so the crew will need to be well-hydrated.

The astronauts will have a lot of tasks to complete, including cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the instruments and maintaining the spacecraft.

“It’s a very dangerous job.

It’s not only for cosplayers but for everyone, cosplayers and crew members,” said Shkaplitskii.4.

Make sure you are prepared.

If the mission goes wrong, you will have the opportunity to take a short break to rest and refresh your body and mind before returning to the Soyuz.

If you plan ahead, you can always call up the crew for a quick refresh.5.

Make the most of your time on the station, not just for yourself but for your cosplayers, cosmonters and other cosplayers.

“The best thing is to make the most out of the time that you have.

The most important thing is not to spend a lot time in your room, or in your hotel, but to do the most work on your cosplay,” said Ainsle, who said: “[We will] take a bath, clean up and then return to our hotel room.

You have to work really hard, to make sure you get the best quality work out of your cosplaying.”

The two cosplayers will be taking part in a cosplay contest at the station to showcase their skills.6.

Make friends and fans a priority.

“If you have a good cosplay, you’ll find that you are really appreciated.

This will make people really care about you.

We can’t do anything if we don’t get along well with our fans,” said Cosplayer Alexey Shkodkov, who is also a member of the cosplay team.

“Everyone can help each other, and you can ask each other for help.”7.

Make a splash.

Cosplayers have a unique way of getting their cosplay on the public radar, because they have their own cosplay studio.

“Sometimes they get very surprised when people notice their cosplays, so they try to be careful and show a bit more respect for their cosplayers,” said one cosplayer.8.

Have a safe trip.

“This is a very risky project.

The cosplayers who do it will get hurt.

This is something that I don’t recommend to people, because you can get hurt very easily,” said the Russian crewmember.

“However, you need to think of the whole situation carefully.

If things go wrong, we will be in very bad shape.

But we will get through it,” said another cosplayer, Alexey, who added: “If we get hurt, the cosplayers are always with us.

It will make them smile and laugh a lot.

It makes us happy and gives us a lot energy.”

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