How to get your hands on the first look at the first images of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft

NASA has revealed some details of its Dawn mission, which is slated to enter into orbit around Ceres in March 2020.

The first image of the spacecraft, taken on June 3, shows the asteroid’s surface, which could be the most intriguing feature on the surface of the asteroid, which has a diameter of 1,200 kilometres (620 miles).

Dawn is about 10 kilometres (6 miles) across and is scheduled to arrive at Ceres in the early hours of June 7.

The spacecraft is designed to study the surface composition and composition of Ceres, and to search for signs of organic material, or organic materials that could be associated with life.

It’s the first mission to take a close-up look at Ceres.

Dawn will carry a range of instruments including the DawnCam, which can see through dust and ice to make 3D images, and the MAVEN spacecraft, which will make the images.

Dawn is also the first spacecraft to orbit the asteroid and has the capability to use the magnetosphere of Ceres to direct its cameras.

The probe is designed for three-year missions.NASA’s Dawn mission is an extension of the Dawn mission that launched in 2005, and is tasked with studying a mysterious world in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Dawn has been in orbit around the asteroid since February 2015.

Discovery launched in March 2016.NASA said the spacecraft’s mission is to search the asteroid for potentially habitable conditions, and that a sample will be retrieved if it turns out to be a Martian artifact.

Dawn will also be studying the asteroid as part of a larger mission that will include a close flyby of the dwarf planet in 2022.

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