When you see the signs, you’re on board the comet: NASA space agency explains what’s on the horizon

The sun is on the cusp of the solar system’s first new comet since 1979, and it’s being tracked by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, which launched on Sept. 10.

But while Dawn’s observations of the comet have been quite encouraging, the spacecraft isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Dawn is slated to take a nine-month orbit around the sun, and the spacecraft will be on the prowl for its next target, the 1,300-kilometer-wide (625-mile-wide) comet Vesta.

This is one of the biggest objects in the solar neighborhood, and scientists are concerned about the impacts of Vesta’s impacts on the comets around the Solar System, as well as on our own Solar System.

If we miss a new comet by a small amount of time, what happens to the entire solar system?

NASA says that we could be facing an extinction event.

But what happens if we miss all the cometary comets, which astronomers believe are more likely to become planets than asteroids?

Scientists aren’t sure how quickly Vesta is going to reach us.

It could be a while before we get our first view of it, and its orbit may vary by the time we see it.

If it gets too close to us, or if it’s too far away, our atmosphere may interfere with its orbit.

It’s possible that it could reach Earth, too, but that would require a large number of comets to be there to make that happen.

And because the comet’s gravity is weaker than Earth’s, it would likely have to come closer to the sun to make the impact.

What will happen to Vesta if we lose it?

Vesta has the potential to create a large impact on the Sun, said John Callas, Dawn’s principal investigator.

But if we don’t catch it before it comes too close, there is the possibility that it will destroy the entire Solar System and the Earth.

That would wipe out all life on Earth.NASA and the European Space Agency are working to determine the exact location of Vestein, and if that location is different from what scientists expected, the impact could be devastating.

But there is a lot of uncertainty about the exact details of what we might see, since scientists don’t have the ability to predict the exact trajectory of Vestus in advance.NASA says that its team will continue to analyze the comet to find out how close it will come to Earth.

Dawn’s orbit is about 5.5 million miles (8.4 million kilometers), so that would be about 6 million miles, or 8.2 million kilometers, from Earth.

The comet will be about 50 million miles away from Earth on the evening of Oct. 3.

The spacecraft will then go on a long-range mission to study Vesta in more detail, including the impact that caused it to change its orbit and ultimately become a planet.

The mission will also examine its moons, which are the icy bodies that orbit Vesta and are known to be made up of rocky material.

The Dawn mission was designed to study comets that pass close to Earth and is the first of a trio of missions designed to probe comets beyond the Solar Corona.

The goal of the mission is to better understand comets and their formation.

Scientists hope to learn about the history of cometary collisions and the origins of our solar system.

The space agency hopes that the new spacecraft will help them learn more about the inner workings of the Solar and Planetary Habitability Laboratory (SPH), which is the center of research on the inner Solar System that has been building up for the past few decades.

The new spacecraft, Dawn, is designed to help shed light on the processes that lead to comets forming and eventually becoming planets.NASA is spending about $100 million to support Dawn’s mission.

NASA said in a statement that the funding will help Dawn develop the hardware necessary to land on Vesta, collect data on Vesteins impact on Earth, and study its moons.

Development Is Supported By

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