The first angel to fly by is not yet known, but a pair of space probes is aiming to help researchers find out.

A pair of unmanned spacecraft called Angels, and a commercial satellite called Skylab, are planning to fly past Earth in November.

The spacecrafts aim is to use the gravity of the moon’s gravity well to slow down the speed of the spacecraft and its orbiting Earth, and then send it back to Earth.

The plan is to reach an altitude of about 40 kilometres (25 miles) and then make a loop around the planet, at speeds of more than 1,000 kilometres per hour.

After reaching its target, the spacecraft will make another loop around its target and repeat the process.

“The loop will take about four to five minutes,” said David Geddes, the director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, which oversees the mission.

NASA says that after they reach their final target, Angels will return to Earth in the summer of 2019, a date which is when NASA hopes to fly a spacecraft around Earth.

The space agency says that Angels mission will be the first of its kind to use gravity to slow a spacecraft down, and also will be a “preview” of how future missions might use it.

If the mission succeeds, it will mark the first time a spacecraft has used gravity to speed itself up and return to a point where it can continue to accelerate.

While the mission’s purpose is to find the first celestial object to fly into Earth’s atmosphere, Gedds said that it could also have a wider scientific purpose.

“We think it’s important for us to know what we see with our eyes,” he said.

“For example, what we think is a planet.

We think that planet may be an alien or an extraterrestrial.”

So we think that the gravity well that the spacecrafts will use to slow it down is going to be the most useful instrument we have available to us.

“The mission is not just to find out what kind of objects the space probes will find, but also to help scientists understand how they evolved.

According to NASA, the Angels mission aims to reveal what type of life on Earth was, and how Earth came to be.

It will also help researchers understand how the space agencies satellites were built, and what processes were involved.

Once the mission is launched, it is expected to orbit the Earth at an altitude that will make it possible to study the environment.

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