Astronomers unveil Hubble Space Telescope mosaic of a rotating spacecraft

A new Hubble Space Time image of a small, rotating spacecraft has been released.

The image, taken by the Hubble Space Observatory’s Wide Field Camera 3, shows the spacecraft’s surface in all its glory.

The spacecraft’s exterior is dominated by the white dust swirling around its rotational axis.

The team says the image is the first to show that the rotating spacecraft is rotating at an obliquity of about 45 degrees.

The spacecraft is located in the constellation Gemini.

The rotating spacecraft was spotted by Hubble’s Wide-Field Camera 3 and has been identified as the Kepler-36e spacecraft.

The team says that the Kepler spacecraft is “a single-chamber, rotating, small circular object that was detected in January 2017.

It is thought to be the only object in the known Solar System to rotate at an orbital velocity of more than 1.5 million kilometers per hour (835,000 mph).””

Its rotation is at a rate of approximately one third of that of the Earth, a rate which makes it more than twice as fast as the rotation rate of the Sun,” the team says.

“The Kepler spacecraft appears to have been rotating at a much lower oblational velocity than the rotation of the other four known planets.”

The Hubble Space telescope has been collecting and analyzing images of the stars and planets in our galaxy for the past two decades.

The new Hubble image is part of a collection called “Kepler Archive.”

The spacecraft was first spotted by the Kepler Space Telescope’s Wide Wide-field Camera 3 in January of 2017.

The mission was designed to find exoplanets and, more importantly, determine whether or not they exist.

Kepler, which stands for “Near-infrared and Ultraviolet,” was originally named for the European Space Agency’s Kepler telescope.

The Hubble team has named the spacecraft after astronomer Karl Hessel, whose work revealed the first planets.

The Hubble telescope is the largest and most powerful telescope ever built.

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