You can build a space shuttle.

You can also build an Orion spacecraft, which NASA has tested successfully to take astronauts into space.

But what if you wanted to build a spacecraft that would fly to the Moon?

That’s where the Orion Crew Dragon spacecraft comes in.NASA has two versions of the spacecraft: the Crew Dragon and the Crew Test Vehicle.

The Crew Dragon is built for the Orion spacecraft and will be launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on April 16, 2020.

This will be the first time Orion has flown outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

The Crew Test vehicle, on the other hand, is for the Crew of Orion and will fly aboard the Space Launch System rocket and launch on June 14, 2021.

This is a long way from being a reality, as the test vehicle has yet to fly.

The crewed spacecraft are built in different configurations, but the two spacecraft can be assembled in the same hangar.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is designed for launch atop the SLS rocket and Orion will be powered by a pair of Orion Heavy rocket engines.

The Orion Heavy is a heavy-lift rocket, which is designed to lift the Orion into orbit and then burn up as it burns up on reentry.

The Orion Heavy engines are rated for more than 1,500 pounds of thrust, and this allows the spacecraft to perform a lot more maneuvers than its smaller cousin, the Orion M spacecraft.

The difference in configuration between the Orion and Crew Dragon ships is the Crew Demonstration Module (CMD).

The Crew Demonstrator Module is a small, high-gain antenna, designed to provide a boost to the Orion crew.

The antenna will be mounted on the nose of the vehicle and will provide a strong boost to boost the crew up to a height of 30 miles.

The main thrust of the CMD is directed to a pair (or triple) of Orion heavy engines.

The two engines will propel the spacecraft up to around 45,000 feet (14 kilometers) above Earth’s surface and then it will fall back to Earth, burn up, and burn up again.

The primary thrust is directed toward the Orion’s main engine, the first of which will be at 1,600 horsepower.

That engine will produce about 1,700 pounds of lift and about a fifth of that is directed at the spacecraft itself.

This thrust is then redirected to the thrusters, which provide the crew with lift to slow the spacecraft down and keep it in place.

The second of the three engines will be in charge of the Orion Shuttle’s main thruster, the second of which is located just aft of the crew module.

The first of the two thrusters will be a one-time system of four, and two will be each capable of producing 3,000 pounds of force.

The thrusters themselves are mounted on a central steel plate and can be retracted to provide extra lift.

The secondary system, the Shuttle Launch Propulsion System, or LSPS, is mounted to the rear of the Shuttle and is the main mechanism for providing the spacecraft with thrust.

This secondary system can provide a significant boost for the spacecraft, but it will only be used for a short time.

The LSPS can be operated by the crew, which will fire up the engines and then let go.

The craft then flies away from the launch pad and into the atmosphere.

Once the craft is out of the atmosphere, it will descend to Earth’s low-Earth orbit, where it will land on a runway.

This runway will be used to launch a new spacecraft, called the Orion Heavy Crew Vehicle.

The new spacecraft will be named Orion-2 and will launch on a modified version of the SLC-40 rocket, designed by Boeing and Aerojet Rocketdyne.

The new Orion spacecraft will use a rocket engine similar to that of the one that powered the shuttle missions.

Development Is Supported By

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