You have the most important thing in life: your own spaceship.

But that spaceship needs to be fueled up and ready to go.

The NASA-funded Dragon spacecraft is slated to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station, and the mission is set to take nearly a year.

The spacecraft has two landing legs attached to the bottom of its spacecraft, but it’s the landing legs that make it the first spacecraft to land on the ground.

The rocket that will carry the Dragon to the space station is the Falcon Heavy, and it has an oxidizer tank and the engines to make it rocket-like.

It’s a little like a super car, only it’s powered by liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.

When it lands on the surface of the planet, the Dragon will be carrying two pieces of hardware, a large solar array and an array of instruments to help it monitor the Sun’s activity.

Dragon will also have a lander that will pick up the pieces of the spacecraft and bring them back to Earth.

The launch date has not yet been set.

The Dragon will carry more than 3,000 pounds of equipment, and there are some serious questions about its future.

SpaceX has said the mission will be limited to only three missions, but there are no firm plans for when the mission might expand to four or five missions.

There are some skeptics that this mission will prove to be the first mission to land a Dragon on the ISS, but the question remains, when will we see Dragon?NASA has said that Dragon will use its thrusters to slow down to about 10,000 miles per hour (16,000 kilometers per hour), then accelerate to the same speed.

This speed is much faster than the speed at which a spaceship would be able to make the jump to the moon, which would take years and months.

If this speed is used for Dragon, then the spacecraft will have to land vertically, not horizontally, and Dragon will need to use its parachute to slow itself down.

If Dragon does land horizontally, then it will land at the same height that it lands every time, but with more drag.

SpaceX has also said that if Dragon lands at a higher altitude, it could slow down even more and land at a more circular orbit.

However, this is very hard to prove, as SpaceX has not provided any evidence to back up this claim.

SpaceX also has a lot of other things planned, including an extension of its cargo spacecraft to the station, an improved engine for Dragon that it will be using to keep the craft in orbit longer, and a new rocket for the first stage of the rocket that would be used to power Dragon’s descent.

What do you think of SpaceX’s plans for the Dragon mission?

Do you think it will succeed?

Let us know in the comments below.

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