How to watch the first episode of Voyager 1 – and watch the last, with some help from the show’s creators

It’s the first time in a decade that Voyager 1 has been on the same planet as the alien crew from Deep Space Nine.

But that’s just a prelude to what’s to come as the series’ writers, producers and directors delve into the first episodes of the new science fiction series Voyagers, which will begin airing on BBC Two in September.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best bits.

Read more The first episode is set in an unknown region of space called The Belt and, for the first three episodes, Voyager 1 is exploring the inner reaches of the Solar System.

There, they encounter two alien species, the Borg and the Temporal Investigations, who seek to use the solar system’s vastness to build a sentient empire.

But the Borg are not the only species trying to use it.

The Temporal Investigation has set up a base on a nearby planet called Risa, which is home to an outpost of the Borg.

The two species have developed a symbiotic relationship, as the Temporality seeks to feed off of the Temerarians’ genetic resources.

And they want to breed with humans and build the Borg so they can colonise the galaxy.

It’s a complex and alien world to visit.

We’ve watched the first two episodes of Voyagers in our weekly series, Voyagers: The Unauthorized Biography, which highlights some of Voyager’s best moments.

Read all about it.

In the episode Voyagers The Uncomfortable Companion, we meet the crew of Voyager, who have been stranded on Risa for years, with the help of the Enterprise, an interplanetary vessel that was originally designed for space travel but was designed for exploration.

Voyager 2 Voyager 1: The First Two Years, episode four of Voyager series one, featuring the first of two seasons.

This is the episode that the first five Voyagers meet up with on Risus, the planet Risa where they have been living for the past year.

They are accompanied by two scientists who help them navigate their way through a planet with strange weather patterns, an asteroid belt and a planet full of bizarre creatures.

The episode ends with a surprise encounter with a mysterious vessel.

Watch this first episode on BBC One in the UK on 9th August, before the new series begins.

Listen to our interview with the Voyager creators on the latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s New Year’s Eve Special. 

What’s it like being on a Voyager?

Voyager 1 has an amazing story behind it, and for many viewers, it will be the first series of its kind.

Here’s what it’s like to be a member of the crew.

Voyager 1 was the first to be built by British science fiction writer Terry Nation, who died in 2000.

His books and short stories were written about the life of the Voyager 2 crew, including one about the crew discovering a way to send messages across space. 

The original Voyager was the last to be constructed, which meant it took about a year to complete the whole series.

So how much work did it take to build this incredible starship?

It took us eight months to build Voyager 1 and it took us seven years to build the second one.

Voyager has a complex engineering system and crew are given limited access to this.

It was very expensive to build these things, which was why we wanted to do it the hard way.

We were doing it the old-fashioned way: we had a team of engineers who designed the ship and built it.

We built the first ship for just under £6 million, which came out to £6.5 million. 

But the team on Voyager 2 is still very much part of the original crew.

They’ve got their own offices, their own workstation and their own cubicle. 

When I say Voyager 2, I mean Voyager 1. 

There is also an art department, which you can see on Voyager 1, and a lot of the art on Voyager One is inspired by the real art of the early 20th century.

We don’t have any art on Voyagers.

Voyager was always a science fiction story, and I think it’s just that the crew on Voyager really wanted to go into space.

It is a really important part of Voyager and we hope it will go on. 

Where did you find the inspiration for this universe? 

I think the first story I ever wrote was the one called “Time and the City”.

I had just finished writing a science fantasy book called “The Dark Age of Earth”.

And when I wrote that story I thought that it was really good because it gave us a space opera, but it also gave us this futuristic idea.

So I was inspired by science fiction, and also by fantasy, so I started writing this story about the people who were the pioneers of interstellar travel. 

How long have you been on board Voyager? 

We were on the ship for two years.

We have about 150

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