Antares rocket launched to replace Space Launch System 3 in December after a successful first test of a new, more powerful rocket. 

A rocket called Antares-3001 is being assembled at the Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) in Wallops Island, Virginia.

It is a refurbished version of the company’s SLS rocket.

The US space agency’s Antares rockets will carry the first three of the new generation of rockets to the International Space Station, the space agency said on Friday.

The Antares launch vehicle is designed to be capable of lifting a large spacecraft weighing up to 300kg into space and carrying a crew of up to 12. 

It will also be capable to carry cargo to and from the space station.

The rocket is a version of SpaceX’s Falcon 9, a version that is capable of lofting payloads weighing up 80 tonnes.

The Falcon 9 first stage will lift the first stage of Antares on a test flight at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on July 17. 

Antares is designed as a reusable vehicle that will eventually be used on a future cargo mission to the space centre. 

The Falcon 10 will carry cargo for Nasa, but only for three months at a time.

The mission would carry the crew to the orbiting outpost and then return to Earth. 

NASA wants to send astronauts to the ISS by 2023.

The agency is developing a fleet of small unmanned capsules that could launch into orbit from a launch pad on the Pacific island of Guam.

The vehicles could ferry supplies for NASA, and could also be used to launch astronauts from orbit.

Antares-4001 will launch on a Delta IV Heavy rocket, a more powerful version of Falcon 9 that was launched in September, and is now being tested at SLC-41.

It will carry more payloads than its predecessor. 

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket is designed for long-duration missions that take astronauts to deep space, and has been used for the company to launch commercial spaceflights.

It will launch Antares and will then carry cargo.

The company is planning a second test flight of the rocket at SLS-3, a pad at the Cape Canaveral Space Command in Florida. 

This test flight is being conducted to check the engine’s capability to withstand the pressure and heat generated during flight. 

SLS-4, a fourth booster, will carry two other satellites for NASA.

The first test flight was carried out on January 5 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which is used to test the engines that power NASA’s Space Launch Antares.

The third and final test flight will take place at Cape Girardeau Air Force Base in Missouri.

This flight is scheduled for mid-February.

The second and final flight is planned for mid March.SLS launches are scheduled to begin in 2021 and run for at least 20 years.

Antars rocket is carrying three of its six payloads, including an uncrewed cargo mission that will carry a robot called a Cygnus spacecraft to the station. 

On Friday, the Antares crew and cargo were on a flight test in the companys rocket at Cape Kennedy. 

Video of the launch, filmed by the crew, was posted to YouTube on Friday evening by Nasa’s official account. 

More from BBC News: The Antartes rocket is being delivered to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, after the company successfully launched the rocket in December. 

At the time of the Antarts launch, Nasa was developing the rocket for the space exploration company Blue Origin, but that project was cancelled by the US government in 2019.

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