Fox News host Chris Wallace will present the first live coverage of the upcoming launch of NASA’s Mars spacecraft in an effort to keep Americans glued to their televisions and on the Internet.

The new mission will be called the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), which was announced in December.

The first mission to Mars will be launched in 2021.

This is a big day for NASA because it marks the first time the agency has launched a mission to a planet outside the solar system.

It’s a bold step for the agency and a big boost for its Mars exploration program.

The launch will be the first NASA mission to the Red Planet.

The agency has been searching for life on Mars for more than 30 years.

It has been unable to find any evidence of life there, so it has set its sights on a new planet.

In the past, NASA has used robotic spacecraft called Spirit and Opportunity, which flew to Mars in 2004.

They returned samples of rock and soil that the agency hoped could be used for future research.

But NASA is looking to fly its own spacecraft.

The next Mars mission will likely be a robotic mission to test the hardware on Mars.

This mission will use the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft to send samples back to Earth.

The MAVEN mission will help scientists understand the evolution of the Martian atmosphere, which has a different composition to Earth’s.

This will be a major test of the technology NASA is using to send a spacecraft to Mars.

The hardware on board will be tested for the first to 30 days of its mission.

It will be about five times heavier than the weight of a Space Shuttle, and it will be traveling in a much smaller orbit.

The spacecraft will be powered by two hydrogen-powered engines that are capable of producing around 70,000 pounds of thrust.

The payload will be smaller, about the size of a small plane.

It is expected to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on December 3.

A sample of Martian rock.

Source: NASAThe launch is being made in coordination with the Mars Society, which is a nonprofit organization that is trying to get Americans interested in Mars exploration.

NASA hopes to launch a rover on Mars by 2026.

It plans to use the rover to collect samples of Martian rocks and soil.

Scientists believe that the samples of soil will help us understand how Mars evolved.

NASA plans to send the rover and its sample return capsule to Mars as part of the Mars Exploration Rovers Mission.

The mission will take astronauts to the planet in 2020.NASA is hoping to get the sample return spacecraft to the surface of Mars as early as 2021.

The Mars Society hopes to send another rover to Mars by 2030.

This rover will have an even heavier payload and be able to send back samples of dust and soil to Earth, a key step in establishing a permanent base on Mars and establishing a Martian city.

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