NASA and the space agency’s Orion spacecraft are being prepared to launch into orbit, with Orion being ready to fly at least until 2020.

That’s two years after the spacecraft was originally scheduled to begin launching in 2018.

NASA and Orbital ATK, the aerospace company that is developing the Orion capsule, have been working to get Orion ready for launch.

NASA has been working with Orbital ATK on a plan that would provide Orion with the fuel it needs to launch, but that plan has been delayed, and NASA and are working to put Orion in orbit in 2019.

Orion is a spaceplane that can carry astronauts and cargo.

NASA hopes to send Orion to low Earth orbit in 2021, with a crew of seven or eight astronauts.

Orion will carry humans to the moon in 2023. 

The first crewed flight of Orion, called the “Expedition 42” spacecraft, is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in 2021. 

In 2021, Orion will be used to ferry cargo to the International Space Station.

It will also ferry astronauts to the lunar surface. 

NASA plans to use the Orion mission to demonstrate Orion’s capability to deliver people and cargo to orbit, in addition to the missions already planned. 

It will also provide critical data for studying how humans interact with asteroids and comets, as well as for the development of space systems that can withstand and support space travel, NASA officials said in a statement. 

“We’ve worked with the Orion program to get the capsule ready for flight, and we’ll continue to work closely with NASA, Orbital ATK and Space and Science to ensure that Orion will provide the spaceflight capabilities it needs for the human exploration of space, including its human crew,” Scott Bolton, director of the Space Systems Development Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said in the statement.

“The launch window for Orion is just one of many milestones in the human spaceflight program.

Orion’s crewed mission is one of the many milestones that will help us advance the human mission to Mars and beyond.

Orion can also provide important information for the exploration of the solar system, including how asteroids and planets form and how they can sustain life.” 

NASA’s Orion mission has already been successfully launched and tested.

The Orion spacecraft was supposed to be ready to launch in 2021 after NASA and Lockheed Martin completed a series of tests.

The mission is scheduled for a March 2019 launch. 

SpaceX and NASA are in talks to provide funding for Orion missions, with SpaceX receiving $3.4 billion and Orbital having received $2.9 billion.

NASA is working with SpaceX to put the first Orion spacecraft in orbit, while Orbital is planning to use a booster to send the capsule into space. 

Orion is scheduled, with NASA’s support, to launch by 2024. 

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