This is the story of the design, development and final production of a fully automated space plane that is being built by the German Aerospace Center.

The craft will be called the Spaceplane 2.0, after the original Spaceplane 1, and will be built in a factory near Cologne.

The Spaceplane design, which is being developed by the Center’s Fraunhofer Institute for Advanced Aerospace Systems, is a significant step forward in the evolution of autonomous flight.

The researchers are using a combination of techniques and computer simulation to design a fully self-aware space plane.

The goal is to make the craft capable of taking off and landing, and operate autonomously even after it’s landed, making it easier to integrate the technology with the existing infrastructure in the country.

The goal is also to make a space plane capable of flying at altitudes well beyond what humans can achieve in space.

This is achieved by taking advantage of the fact that space is one of the few environments that has no gravity, meaning that a spaceplane will fly at relatively low speeds.

This means that even if the craft were to hit a surface, it would not affect the craft’s motion, and could fly with ease for a period of time.

The research team is using a series of mathematical models to make sure that the spacecraft will fly safely and safely autonomous in space, even when it crashes, and is using simulation techniques to test out different types of scenarios.

It’s the first time the research team has managed to achieve such a goal, with a fully autonomated space plane designed for the Space Plane 2.

Development Is Supported By

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