Mars spacecraft visits ‘hot spots’ – and what they mean for future missions

By BBC Earth’s scientists have been able to pinpoint areas of Mars’ surface where new life could emerge.

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) has been exploring these regions, as part of the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) mission, since September 2017.

The rover’s robotic arm will descend into these hot spots in coming weeks.

In addition to its work, MER will also be carrying a lander to explore a region known as the Marpa Hills, where the surface is wetter than the surface of Earth.

The surface is also believed to have water ice.

There are some clues that could help answer these questions.

The scientists were able to see the surface under the right conditions, which could help to understand the conditions that formed these regions.

These regions are believed to be at the edge of a liquid ocean, similar to the water-ice plains found on Earth.

These are thought to be caused by a type of rock called a magnetite, which is found on Mars.

In this case, magnetic field lines and magnetic storms were forming in the surface.

It is possible that these storms were formed by a fluid-filled zone in the atmosphere, but the scientists are not sure.

They are now searching for evidence of these storms in the Marpas Hills, which will be explored further in the future.

The team of scientists also found evidence of flowing rivers, which they believe could be linked to the presence of water ice in the areas where the storms are thought by scientists to have formed.

The area where they found this evidence is called the Marias River basin, which has been mapped by the MER team.

This region was thought to have been frozen in time, because the region has been covered by ice.

The researchers were able, for the first time, to see flow patterns from this area.

They think the flows are linked to changes in the magnetic field, which are caused by fluid changes in this area, and these fluid changes are linked with the formation of ice.

They were able also to see some of the water in these flows, which would be useful for understanding how water flows on Mars in future missions.

They hope to do this next year.

It’s important to understand where these storms and water are because they are crucial for future Mars missions, including Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission to land and study the surface, and the Mars 2020 rover to return samples of Martian soil to Earth.

A team of seven scientists from the University of Warwick, University of Edinburgh, University College London, and University College Dublin have also been on the Mars Rover team since January 2018.

They joined the MER mission in 2020, and are responsible for the rover’s science payloads and instrument testing.

They said: “Mars has been a fascinating place, and it has given us the chance to observe the surface in unprecedented detail.

We are looking forward to returning a detailed picture of the surface as part.

The team will also work on a new rover called Mars 2020, which was recently launched from Earth in August 2020. “

It’s very exciting to be part of a global exploration that will explore Mars from the perspective of a robot.”

The team will also work on a new rover called Mars 2020, which was recently launched from Earth in August 2020.

Mars 2020 will have a bigger payload, which contains a suite of instruments and science instruments, as well as a drill for exploring rocks on the surface and an imaging camera that will take images of the Martian surface.

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