The Orion spacecraft is going to be the first spacecraft to have a built-in carbon fiber engine.

NASA is also developing an electric engine to power the vehicle, with the goal of making a space vehicle with the same performance as its predecessor, the Space Launch System.

The engine is expected to go into service by 2020, and NASA hopes to have an Orion spacecraft ready to go to the moon by 2025.

That’s still a long way off, though.NASA is using a combination of high-power laser and electrostatic thruster technology to power its new spacecraft, which is slated to launch in 2020.

A high-speed camera on the vehicle will record images of the spacecraft as it moves along its journey.

NASA’s goal is to launch an Orion to the International Space Station in 2023.

The new Orion spacecraft, known as OrionSLS, was originally named the Orion Heavy and was designed to be a heavy-lift rocket capable of lifting the spacecraft into orbit.

It will also be capable of carrying crew to and from the space station, and be able to carry the astronauts and cargo that will be sent to and fro the orbiting outpost.

The Orion spacecraft will also have a new set of engines.

The OrionSAS is a combination between the engine used in the Space Shuttle Discovery and the engine that will power the first Orion spacecraft launched into space in December 2001.

NASA has been testing the new engines in its tests facilities in Florida, California and Russia.NASA has been trying to get NASA to take on the Orion engine work, which would make it possible to launch Orion into space.

However, NASA officials have had to delay OrionSBS because of the ongoing work to develop an electric propulsion system.

That work is underway, but the company that will build the electric propulsion systems has yet to begin.

The next step for NASA is to move forward with the OrionSFS development work, and the Orion spacecraft.

It is unclear if NASA will proceed with the design work or if it will continue with the development work and work on the engines.

Development Is Supported By

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