Psyche, the Indian Space Research Organisation’s spacecraft, is set to land on the moon and make the trip to Mars, a feat that has eluded scientists and engineers for years.

Psyche will make its landing on the surface of the moon on December 18, 2016.

This marks the third lunar lander mission by the country after the probe landed on the Moon and successfully returned samples of the surface back to Earth.

Psych is an Indian space probe with a mission that will explore the mysteries of the solar system, including whether life existed on the Red Planet, whether Mars was the site of alien life, and whether it was possible to land there.

It is also one of the few spacecraft to have successfully landed on Mars.

The mission was initially planned to be launched in 2019 but the launch was delayed in 2017 due to budget cuts.

Psyches lander is powered by two hydrogen engines and will be orbiting the moon for around two months.

Psychet is equipped with a variety of instruments, including an infrared camera, a seismometer, an ultraviolet spectrometer, a spectrometric imager, and a laser-ranging spectrometers.

It will also carry a spectrograph and a high-resolution camera for studying the moon’s surface and the interior.

The spacecraft’s mission is being managed by a consortium called Space Resources Corporation.

Psychat will be powered by a pair of nuclear reactors, two helium tanks and a propulsion system made of aluminum and titanium.

This is a significant change from previous missions that relied on nuclear propulsion, which required the use of more fuel and a more powerful rocket.

The rocket used to launch Psych was developed by the Japanese company Toshiba.

It can reach a speed of up to Mach 1.6, which is well above Earth’s orbit.

The fuel for the rocket is derived from liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, which has a high density.

A large portion of the rocket’s mass is made of titanium.

Psycha is expected to land in the vicinity of the south polar region of the Moon.

It has a range of up for about three days, but the spacecraft has been traveling at around 1,000 kilometres per hour for the past decade.

In 2018, NASA’s Juno mission, which was intended to land a robotic mission on the asteroid Vesta, had its mission postponed indefinitely after the launch of the Psyche.

Psycho will be a significant technological advance for India, but it is not the only spacecraft to be sent to the Moon this century.

There are two more Indian spacecraft, the Mars Orbiter Mission and the Mars Polar Lander, which will also be launched later this decade.

Development Is Supported By

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