When Disney announced its new Star Wars: Episode VII, the news made its way onto Twitter with a slew of people calling it “the most exciting announcement in years.”

However, for many, that was a bit much.

We wanted to know how many people actually had seen Star Wars Episode VII and how many had already seen The Force Awakens, so we took a closer look.

We decided to use the latest data to figure out how many Star Wars movies had been shown to the public, so that we could compare how many of us actually had watched them.

We’re also curious to know whether the excitement surrounding Episode VII has faded over time.

To get that, we enlisted the help of a number of Star Wars nerds, as well as some very, very excited people.

We also talked to several people who had seen the film before, and asked them to share their memories of the new Star War movies.

In the end, we’re left with a list of Star War films that are actually more than half-seen: The Force Unleashed, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and, perhaps most surprisingly, The Force The Last Han Solo (or Han Solo in the alternate universe).

We can’t wait to see how these films compare to each other.

We found that the overwhelming majority of people who saw The Force Strikes Back had seen it before, with just a few people claiming to have seen Episode VII for the first time.

The last Jedi had a very high chance of seeing its first screen in theaters, as did The Last Phantom.

In some cases, the movies are completely different from the trailers that were released, and in others, there’s an entirely new ending.

We’ve broken these up into three categories: The first three movies that had been seen The second three movies the people saw The third three movies all of us who actually have seen them are still waiting for them The Last Guardian has been out for months and is still one of the most anticipated films of all time.

We haven’t seen it yet, so the first two films were all of a sudden more exciting than The Last Journey.

The Last Saga and Star Wars Rebels have been out since last year, but we still haven’t watched them yet.

Both of those movies are a bit of a surprise for some fans, but they’ve been out pretty much since the first one.

The Star Wars films have seen a lot of sequels and spinoffs in the last decade, and some of those have been great, but the Last Saga is definitely the most exciting.

It’s been a long time coming, but this is definitely a new era of Star Trek, and it’s just as much a sequel to Star Wars as it is to Star War.

The fact that this was even possible in the first place suggests that this is a movie that has been a massive success.

If you haven’t been following Star Wars news, it’s probably because you were too busy waiting for the next movie to come out.

The first movie had an incredibly successful first weekend, but that didn’t last long.

The second one was the biggest hit of all, selling out every theater in the country within days.

And then there’s the third movie.

But now that The Last Empire has been released in theaters for the second time, The New York Times is reporting that it’s still the highest-grossing film of all-time.

The number of people watching the movie has skyrocketed over the years.

According to Deadline, it has grossed $1.3 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

If that’s the case, that means that the Last Empire is currently sitting at a record $1 billion worldwide.

If it had grossed more than $1 million, it would have been the biggest film ever made.

Of course, the numbers are pretty different for Star Wars, because it was originally released in a different language.

The original trilogy was written in the language of Japanese, and was released in 1977.

In order to adapt it into English, Disney had to adapt a whole lot of dialogue from the original Japanese script, but it’s hard to think of any film that has changed as much as The Last Trilogy.

So what happened?

Disney had been working on adapting the original trilogy for decades, and had already written all of the dialogue for the Star Wars prequels in English, which were released as the first and second movies.

The Japanese versions were only used for a few scenes, but as the Japanese language became more popular, the script was refined to make it easier for Disney to adapt the film into English.

The result is that The New Jedi Order is the most-watched film of Star.

The biggest change to the movie is that we’ve now seen the whole movie.

The New Order is a pretty straightforward movie in the original language, with no story beats or other special effects.

In fact, there are no special effects at all.

Instead, the movie opens with a shot of the Force, followed by a montage of

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