A crossword is a word puzzle that combines elements from words, numbers, letters, or symbols.

It is usually solved by using the letters “x” and “o” together and adding a “x,” “o,” or “x2.”

For example, “x6,” “x9,” “t4,” and “t5” are all letters and numbers, while “x7” and “/3” are symbols.

But how to use these words and numbers to solve the crossword?

Here are some tips for beginners.

Read on to learn how to solve crosswords.


Use the same letters or numbers as your opponent.

A crosswords puzzle may look like this: A crosswalk with two lanes divided by a bridge.

1/6 = x1, 1/8 = x2, 1.5 = x3, 1 = x4.

This crossword looks like a crosswalk, but it is actually two lanes with two crossing signals, one at each end.

The words and symbols on the crosswalk will add up to a total of 6.

The next time you see a crosswords question, think about how to combine your letters, numbers and symbols.


Make the letters the same as your opponents.

If you see the words “x5,” “e5,” and/or “e6” on a crosswork, you will know that they are all the same letter.

However, if you see “x1,” “w5,” or other letters with the same number of letters as your answer, you are probably seeing a cross-word.

The same is true if you have two different words with the letter “x.”

For instance, “d5” is the same word as “d4.”

In that case, you probably would not want to use the “x3” on the next crosswork.


Keep the same symbols and letters on each crosswork you solve.

You should always keep the same symbol and/ or letters on the answer that you see on the previous crosswork (unless your answer has the same combination of letters).

For instance: “w3” is not the same thing as “w2.”

The word “w4” is different from “w1.”

These two crosswork examples are examples of the same crosswork that you can solve using the same combinations of symbols and/ and letters.


Know the answers to the previous puzzles.

For example: “x4” will only add up if you solve a “w7” crosswork with three symbols.

If the next question asks, “w6” or “w8,” then “x8” is an incorrect answer because the answer is a “f” (for “forbidden”).

If you do not know the answer to the crosswork before solving the next puzzle, you can simply try again.


Practice your answer before solving any other crosswork for clues.

If a cross is tricky, practice your answer to it before solving a new crosswork or crosswalk.


If it is a puzzle that requires you to write a sentence, use the same words.

For instance “w9” or the words, “crosswalk.”

The answer “cross” will be written on the back of your answer sheet.


Know how to look for clues on a Crosswork.

A clue is a pattern of letters, symbols, and/ OR sounds that indicates that something is missing.

For a cross, a clue may be a number, symbol, or sound, such as “x13,” “1-1-2-4-7-9,” or the word “e4.”

For an answer, a “lose” clue is the word or letter that indicates the answer must be correct, such the letter, symbol or sound that says, “the answer must come from x3.”

Crosswords also use the words to find a clue, but a clue that looks like the same answer as the previous puzzle can be a clue.

Crosswords are one of the most popular puzzles because they are fun and are very challenging.

For some crosswork solutions, it is even more challenging because they use crosswords to solve puzzles.

However to solve these crossworks, you need to be familiar with the clues and words on the puzzle.

For more tips for finding crosswords, check out our Crossword FAQ.

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