NASA’s newest spacecraft is moving in for a landing on Jupiter’s moon Io.

The spacecraft was captured by the asteroid Chiron on July 4 and is now heading for an orbit around the moon’s equator.

NASA officials say the spacecraft will make a close approach to the moon, as seen by the Juno spacecraft.

The spacecraft was designed to explore the interior of the moon in the 2020s.

It has been flying a similar mission called the Europa Clipper since 2004, and it is now due to make a final close flyby of the moons icy surface on August 19.

In this July 4, 2017, file photo, a Juno spacecraft passes by a small asteroid named Chiron.

NASA has chosen to move its Juno spacecraft out of the way of a small, fast-moving asteroid named, which orbits the moon and is headed for the moon on July 6.

NASA is moving its Juno mission out of view of Chiron, which has been the subject of much debate.

(AP Photo/David Goldman) NASA’s Juno spacecraft has spent nearly three years at the JWTS mission site, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the first spacecraft ever sent to the gas giant to explore a moon’s surface.

NASA hopes the mission will lead to a future manned mission to Jupiter’s moons.

The mission is about to be launched into orbit around Jupiter on a rocket-powered spacecraft that is capable of flying through the outermost reaches of the gas giants atmosphere.

NASA has chosen not to use a parachute for the mission, opting instead to use the spacecraft’s parachute to slow the spacecraft down for a final, controlled approach.

The parachute is designed to slow a spacecraft by allowing it to descend from great heights and slow it down.

If the spacecraft is able to make it to Jupiter, the mission would be the first time a spacecraft has landed on the moon.

The landing would be a major accomplishment for NASA, as it would mark the first human-made landing on the giant moon of Jupiter.

Scientists believe that Chiron is the biggest and most massive asteroid that has ever hit the moon since it was discovered in 1883.

It orbits the planet about once every 60 days, and NASA is using it as a target for its next space mission, the Europa flyby mission.

A spacecraft with a larger orbit around a planet would make it easier to send probes to other planets.

The space agency is also working on a probe that would fly past Jupiter.

NASA’s Jupiter mission is expected to begin operations in 2020, with a crew of seven astronauts on board.

The probe will be called the Juno-E. More News

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