The Russian Soyul space shuttle launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 28, 2019.

The Soyuz 2 spacecraft is the spacecraft that carried the crew of the Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft from the launch pad to the station, but it will also fly again.

Now, Russian space agency Roscosmos has found another asteroid that is also part of the orbit of the Russian space shuttle.

The asteroid is named Kaguya, which is also the name of a Japanese anime series.

The name of the asteroid comes from the character Kagu-Ya, who is a princess.

The Russian space craft was built by the state-owned company Roscosmoechros.

The mission was managed by the Roscosms Roscosmo Institute of Space Engineering.

The orbit of Kagu. asteroid has a diameter of 4 km, which means that it is a very close asteroid to the Earth.

The spacecraft will land on Kagu, where it will be studied by scientists.

Kagu is located at the centre of a very hot region in the middle of the planet.

The Kagu system, located on the far side of the Kuiper belt, is considered a hot spot, and scientists have found evidence of an active volcano.

Kagu has a mass of about 13 tonnes, and the planet is about 6,000 km across.

The size of Kuuks surface is about 300 kilometres in diameter.

The surface is a hot, icy spot, with temperatures as high as 800°C.

Kuu, as it is called in Japanese, is a place of many strange geological features, including a series of volcanoes that could have formed by flowing water.

The volcanoes are located about 5 km away from the Kuu system.

Kuu has been a favourite destination for scientists for decades.

In 1994, Kuu was named the World’s most dangerous asteroid.

Scientists believe that the asteroid may have come close to Earth once before, when it was about 300km away from Earth.

Kuiper BeltExplorer, a team of astronomers and engineers, set out to study Kuu for more than 30 years.

They used instruments that could detect a variety of gases and dust particles, which could be used to measure the atmosphere.

The team was able to detect small amounts of methane and hydrogen gas, and traces of water vapour.

Scientists also detected methane in the atmosphere, but only after the methane had been released into the atmosphere by the eruption of Kui.

In 2006, scientists used a telescope on the Roskosmos spacecraft to spot the asteroid Kuu.

The telescope, called Kuu2, was launched on April 8, 2019 from Baigu Cosmodrom.

Roskosmoechnos scientists have been using this telescope to study the asteroid for more and more years.

Roscosmechros, the Russian Space Agency, has now launched Kuu 2 into a new orbit.

The launch of the spacecraft took place at 12:07:00 Moscow time.

The launch window is limited to 12 hours.

The spacecraft is currently scheduled to enter the orbit around Kuu on June 14, 2020.

The Roskosms Roskosmo Institute for Space Engineering said that the spacecraft has the potential to make its first landing on Kuu sometime between July 20 and August 16, 2020, after which the mission will be terminated.

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