SpaceX announced Thursday it’s set to launch the first Dragon capsule in 2019.

The spacecraft will be able to carry up to seven people and launch astronauts and supplies into orbit.

It will also carry out a variety of scientific experiments.

The first two-person Dragon will launch aboard an Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, at the end of 2018.

SpaceX will also offer the spacecraft to commercial customers.

The company will use the spacecraft for a number of purposes, including scientific experiments, military and commercial spacecraft, and human spaceflight.

The spaceflight model, which the company will call Dragon 2, will be based on the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.

It was originally slated to launch in 2021.

Musk previously said that the company was interested in putting more money into the Dragon spacecraft, but that the mission was not yet cost-competitive.

“We are definitely not ready to launch,” Musk told The Wall Street Journal.

“I have said many times that we have not done this yet, that we are going to wait until 2019 or 2020, which is when the Dragon 2 will be built.”

The company plans to use the Dragon capsule to conduct experiments in low-Earth orbit.

The goal is to launch several missions to the Moon, and to perform research there.

The Dragon capsule has two crew members.

The third person is a pilot.

Musk said in December that he expects to have a crew of six astronauts on the first flight of the Dragon capsules.

The Falcon 9 will launch the Dragon 1 capsule in 2018, but it will take at least five years to reach orbit.

SpaceX has also been working on the Dragon reusable launch vehicle.

Musk told investors that the rocket would be reusable, but not reusable at the same time.

It would be more like a reusable rocket that could be used to launch more than one capsule.

“The reusable version of the Falcon 9 is a bit more ambitious,” Musk said at the time.

“It has the capability to carry more than six people to the space station, which would be an enormous accomplishment for us, but we still have a lot of work to do on that.”

SpaceX is also looking to develop reusable rockets.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 booster is expected to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, in 2019, with a crew carrying up to six people.

The booster is capable of lofting up to 500,000 pounds of cargo into space, according to the company.

Musk also said SpaceX will work on a reusable launch system.

Musk recently told investors at a conference that SpaceX has been developing reusable rockets, and he said the company has already begun work on reusable rockets in preparation for the first launches.

SpaceX is developing reusable rocket engines for the Falcon Heavy rocket, which it is testing to test new technologies.

SpaceX also plans to develop a reusable landing gear system for its Dragon spacecraft.

The landing gear will allow the Dragon to land vertically on the surface of the ocean or ocean-covered continent, Musk said.

The mission is currently planned to launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy booster, but SpaceX will begin testing the landing gear in 2021 on the second Dragon mission.

Musk has said the Dragon is designed to take people to space, and will be used for space tourism.

SpaceX’s first mission will be to the International Space Station, where astronauts will explore the outpost.

Musk announced that the Dragon mission will include a number to test technologies and systems that will allow people to live in space.

SpaceX plans to have astronauts on board Dragon for at least three years.

“For us, it’s not really a question of when the mission is going to be launched.

It’s a question about when the crew will be on board,” Musk recently said at a NASA event.

SpaceX currently has seven crew members on the ISS.

The next crew member to be on the station is expected in 2021, according the company, which will fly the first crew members to the station in 2024.

SpaceX, SpaceX is the only private company that has been able to deliver cargo to the orbiting outpost.

It also has a contract with NASA to transport cargo to and from the station.

The crew members of SpaceX’s crew to the ISS will also live in a space station that has three-tier structures for their food and medical supplies.

The structure for the crew is a floating inflatable module, which contains food, medical supplies, and water.

The structures can be inflated, so that food and supplies are brought into the capsule.

The ISS crew members live on a station that’s also home to other astronauts and experiments.

A NASA official told Business Insider that SpaceX will use this structure as the crew quarters for the astronauts and crew members that live on the spaceflight module.

NASA has a crew quarters design, but they have never been used on spaceflight, according The Wall St. Journal.

The design is similar to the ones used on the International Crew Operations Center, a space agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The inf

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