Tess spacecraft is to launch into space on March 6, 2020.

The spacecraft, a humanoid robot powered by a 3.6-metre-long lithium ion battery, will carry a small satellite called Tess.

The robot, which has a range of just over five kilometres, will be placed in the Sun’s shadow and will be controlled via a remote control.

The spacecraft will be carrying a satellite weighing in at 2,500 kilograms and a probe which is smaller than a dime.

The team behind the robot have built a team of about 20 engineers to build Tess.

“The robot is an ambitious project for the team and a great example of the potential of robotic exploration,” Tess co-founder and project manager Professor Alan Kravets said.

“Tess is a human-powered spacecraft that will allow us to explore deep space, explore the solar system and to understand our place in the universe.”

The robot will launch into a low-Earth orbit and will reach a speed of roughly 20 kilometres per hour, which is much faster than anything currently in space.

The robotic mission will take about six months to complete.

“This is one of the most ambitious, ambitious and ambitious human-built missions that we have ever undertaken, so I’m really excited about what this mission is about,” Mr Kravet said.

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