The discovery of a “space craft” has been made in Ireland’s south west.

The discovery of the new moon, a full moon, in the southern hemisphere is thought to have been made by a spacecraft which was in orbit around the sun for 500 years.

According to experts, the spacecraft has not yet been spotted by human eyes but the craft is the size of a small house and is possibly the largest object in space ever discovered.

The moon is located about 6 miles (10km) south west of Dublin, just after sunset.

Its exact location has not been known, but it could be in the Irish Sea, which lies to the north of the island.

Scientists believe that the spacecraft may have been sent by aliens from another planet to Earth.

This latest discovery is a significant development in the history of space exploration, as it confirms the existence of other planets beyond Earth.

In the 19th century, British astronomer Sir Walter Raleigh described the discovery of an alien ship in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Horn.

He described the craft as being nearly the size, and almost identical in appearance to the largest ships known to man.

Although he had not seen the craft, Raleigh had been fascinated by the phenomenon.

In 1882, Raleigh reported a sighting of a large ship about the size and shape of a house.

He later wrote that he believed it was an “alien craft”.

Although this description of the “alien” ship was later disproved, Raleigh did describe its size and characteristics.

During the 1920s, French astronomer Émile Lévy described a “small craft” which was also in orbit, but the discovery was not made until 1934.

During this time, astronomers observed a number of objects travelling through space.

In 1931, the American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered a “moon” that was approximately 4,500 feet (1,800 metres) in diameter.

According the International Astronomical Union, the moon has been known since at least the early 16th century.

The Moon is a satellite of the Earth, which orbits the sun at a distance of about 13,000 miles (21,500km).

It is believed that this is because of the Sun’s gravitational pull on the Moon.

The satellite orbits the Earth at a speed of about 10,000mph (17,400kph).

The distance from Earth to the Moon is about 11,500 miles (19,000km).

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