The last of the Space Shuttle’s first-generation spacesuits is in the air.

It’s a symbol of what the program achieved, a legacy of NASA’s bold mission to send humans to Mars.

And now the first-ever human-rated shuttle is being scrapped after just two years in space.

The Columbia space shuttle was the first of three spaceships designed and built by Boeing Co. for the Space Age, the goal of which was to reach Mars and return humans to Earth.

It was built to carry astronauts into orbit and deliver cargo to the International Space Station.

Its demise marks a sad day for the program.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the shuttle was widely considered to be the greatest piece of engineering ever built.

It had the capability to carry a crew of six, with four being the crew and a pilot.

The shuttle had an engine capable of delivering more than five tons of payload.

The shuttle carried the first spacecraft into orbit.

It could reach speeds of more than Mach 3.1 and was able to withstand impacts from asteroids, meteorites and space debris.

It also provided a unique opportunity for human spaceflight.

It launched astronauts to the moon in 1965, then returned them to Earth in 1970, after being damaged during a launch mishap.

But a series of problems with the shuttle caused the program to lose a fifth of its life.

As a result, Boeing had to scrap the space capsule.

The company decided to dispose of the remains in a way that would make it look like the spacecraft had flown.

That was a difficult decision to make because, as one aerospace expert told CBC News, it was an unfortunate time to put the space station at risk.

We need to move forward and start thinking about the future of spaceflight,” he said.”

We are going to need a lot more space-based vehicles to be able to provide transportation for people.

“We need the shuttle to go up in smoke.

That’s what the U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, hopes to achieve when it builds the first human-usable version of the Columbia.”

The first shuttle will be tested at Vandenburg in 2017. “

The next step is to land the first shuttle on the pad and do a test flight.”

The first shuttle will be tested at Vandenburg in 2017.

It will be the first space shuttle built for human flight.

The first crewed test flight will take place in 2021.

Anderson said the shuttle is likely to survive for many years.

“When you have a shuttle that has been around so long, you tend to see a lot of things evolve and get bigger,” he explained.

“So we want to keep it in a relatively stable state.”

He said the first flight will not involve humans, and the shuttle will not have to carry any supplies.

The next flight will include humans and space-related equipment.

The crew will use a robotic arm to perform the initial stage of the descent.

Then the astronauts will launch a rover into space.

That rover will be used for science, to collect samples and to conduct experiments.

The mission will be a “safe, unmanned exploration” that will provide valuable data about the environment and people in the area, Anderson said.

There will be three experiments, the most likely to be one on the ground.

It’s a “really exciting opportunity to learn about life on Mars.”

“We want to do a number of different things that we think will have a profound impact on our understanding of the life and behavior of the Martian environment,” he added.

“There’s no question that the rover mission is going to be very, very important for us to have a real picture of life on the Red Planet.”

In the first phase of testing, the rover will fly to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and will be returned to Earth, in a parachute.

That is when the spacecraft will be ready to return to Earth for the first time.

The spacecraft will not return to orbit.

It has to be repaired and refurbished.

That will take about three years.

The first test flight of the robotic arm will take the rover to a landing site in the Pacific Ocean.

That landing site will include the space-bound landing vehicle, which will be attached to the rover.

The robotic arm and rover will then be sent back to Earth to repair the rover and land.

The test flight is not expected to last long, and that is a good thing.

“If we can make a safe, unmanned return, it’s going to allow us to learn a lot about the Martian atmosphere and the biology of Mars and what that might look like,” Anderson said, “and hopefully that will lead to new missions.”

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