Posted March 16, 2020 12:02:54On March 11, 2018, a Russian spacecraft called the Mars Express-5 arrived at Mars.

It was an attempt to reach a target on Mars’ surface and was successfully conducted.

The spacecraft is part of the Russia’s Mars Exploration Program (METRO), a joint effort between Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, and the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Mars Express-3 was launched in 2017 to explore the surface of Mars, and Mars Express had the mission’s first crew, the European Space Agency’s Mars Express 4, on board.

The mission, which had its maiden mission in November 2018, ended in February 2019 with the mission to Mars Express 5, a Mars probe.

The launch of Mars Express was a massive accomplishment, but a lot of work remains to be done on the next Mars probe, Roscosmo said.

The Russian space program will launch another Mars probe called MAVEN next year, which will be a much bigger, more powerful spacecraft and will be launched from the same location as Mars Express.

The next Mars mission, MAVEN-1, is scheduled to launch in 2019.

That mission is supposed to fly by Mars on a six-month mission, to reach the Red Planet.

The European Space Astronauts (ESA) program, the US space agency’s manned spaceflight program, will launch the first Mars rover, Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), in 2021.

Both Mars Express and Mars Science Lander were designed to explore Mars’ polar regions.

But Mars Express will be exploring a much larger area, which means it will have to carry more cargo to the surface, as well as to Mars.

That means there is a lot more to be learned about Mars.

Mars Express’ spacecraft was designed to carry the heaviest and most expensive cargo, so the spacecraft was able to carry a lot, according to Beatties research, as it’s currently carrying a large amount of supplies and equipment for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

“I think it’s going to be very challenging to carry loads, to get to Mars and back,” Beattis said.

“You’ll have to bring more of everything that you need.

There are a lot different types of things that you might need to carry, and then you’re going to have to get them back.”

The next step for MAVEN is to launch on its next mission.

The next mission will take it beyond Mars and to the red planet.

This is known as a return mission.

The MAVEN mission is also the first time a robotic mission to the Red World has been conducted, Beatti said.

He believes that this is the first successful return to Mars from an American robotic mission.

“It’s the first robotic return from Mars to the planet, so it’s the biggest milestone yet,” Beatis said, according the news website SpaceNews.

“It’s exciting because the return will take place on a different orbit and will actually take place at different points on Mars.

That’s going be really important for Mars Science, because we’ll be able to study the surface and get the samples back.

There’s so much more that we can learn from that.”

The MAven mission is the latest in a series of robotic missions to Mars, including the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is currently orbiting Mars, as NASA’s Mars rover.

This mission will be the last robotic exploration of Mars before it is retired.NASA is not the only government agency involved in developing Mars exploration programs.

The United States Space and Rocket Center (USRC), the United Launch Alliance (ULA), and other government agencies are also involved in the development of manned space missions.

The US has a manned mission to space, but NASA does not have a manned space program.

Development Is Supported By

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