The search for ancient extraterrestrial life has found evidence that it exists.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) has detected signals that suggest there may be ancient life in the universe, the European Space Research Organization (ESA ROL) reported.

“E-ELST has identified new signals which have been interpreted to be signals of extraterrestrial origin,” ESA’s director general, Sir John Biggs, said in a statement.ESA’s E-ELTs observations have been consistent with the existence of extraterrestrials and confirmed the existence and presence of life, said ESA’s chief astronomer, David Shearer.ESA and ROL have launched the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) campaign to search for life on other worlds and detect alien signals.

SETI scientists have found evidence for life in some planets and stars, and some evidence of alien life in space.”SETI scientists are particularly interested in detecting evidence of life on planets that may be the source of some of the signals from other civilizations that we detect,” Shearer said.

“We hope to see more evidence that there might be extraterrestrial civilizations in the near future.”

In a video statement, Biggs described the signals as “anomaly-free” and “extremely consistent with those seen on Earth”.ESA also announced it had found a previously unknown signal from an ancient star system in the constellation of Hydra.

“Our discovery is a strong signal that we have not heard before and is extremely consistent with that of a star system that has not been discovered before,” Biggs said.

The finding came after NASA’s Kepler space telescope detected a signal from a distant star system.

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