If you’re planning on taking a trip to Mars with the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft, you need to make sure you have enough fuel for the journey.

The capsule, which was to carry a total of 11 astronauts on the first manned mission to the Red Planet, was built to take astronauts from the Apollo 11 moon landing to the surface of the planet.

But NASA was worried about how it would survive a fiery re-entry into the atmosphere of the Red Moon, and decided to reduce the capsule’s fuel supply to the Moon’s surface.

“The crew capsule will be fully fueled by lunar lunar and Martian water, and the capsule will remain aloft for 20 minutes before it is ejected from the atmosphere,” NASA says in its mission history.

This is where the fuel is located, and how you can get to it.

How the Apollo capsule will survive re-entering the atmosphere in 20 minutesThe Apollo capsules crew capsule is built to withstand re-enterment into the Earth’s atmosphere.

However, the capsule itself will not be in a perfect position for re-flight, so NASA has taken the capsule apart to ensure that the fuel tanks are secure and it has enough oxygen to survive a long journey in space.

When it comes to fuel, NASA says it is able to burn up to 3,000 pounds of oxygen per hour, and up to 400 pounds per hour of hydrogen per hour.

After that, it will burn up again to give you enough fuel to re-start the mission.

NASA has taken apart the Apollo spacecraft capsule to ensure the capsule has enough fuel when it re-attempts re-firing the engineThe Apollo spacecraft’s engines, which powered the Apollo 10 spacecraft and Apollo 17, have been rebuilt.

Each engine, which burns fuel for six seconds, is powered by an electric motor.

It has a range of up to 4,000 miles and can be used to fire engines for up to 25 minutes.

To ensure that astronauts can survive reopening the capsule, the engines are designed to open in a controlled manner, so that if the capsule re-opens too soon, it can be re-opened quickly.

During re-launch, the fuel tank is pushed out and the engine is turned off, giving astronauts a chance to get to the lunar surface before re-igniting the capsule.NASA says that astronauts will be able to land in the lunar module and pick up their gear, so they can go back to Earth.

You can learn more about the Apollo capsules mission at NASA’s website: https://www.nasa.gov/spacemaps/history/history_of_the_americas_spacecraft.html#_=_

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