The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the $1.7 million price tag on a space telescope is the Apollo 13 spacecraft.

The mission had two important goals: first, to make it to the moon, and second, to send a small spacecraft to orbit the moon.

And that’s how the $300,000 Orion spacecraft was born.

But there was a catch: the spacecraft’s design was designed to be inexpensive and simple to assemble.

For that reason, Orion was a little complicated to build, so the spacecraft was designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible.

This is why the spacecraft could be assembled in less than two hours. 

The Orion spacecraft consists of two components: the main rocket and the two large landing legs. 

These two parts are assembled into one solid piece, which is mounted on a pedestal that can be lifted to the top of the spacecraft.

This gives the craft its name, which means “little rocket.”

It also gives Orion a “booster” rocket motor that is used to generate thrust when the spacecraft is in flight.

This rocket motor uses two small engines to rotate a spring-loaded actuator that allows the two wheels to turn. 

Orion’s engines are actually two separate engines, each of which is controlled by a separate control panel.

These control panels are housed in an aluminum box with a plastic hatch that opens to reveal a panel that displays a display.

There is also a small, cylindrical panel that sits inside the panel.

The main engine rotates in a clockwise direction, while the booster engine is in a counterclockwise direction. 

In the case of the landing legs, each wheel on the landing leg rotates a little more than the wheel on its own. 

Each wheel also has a small circular “lid” that is attached to the landing surface.

When the wheels are rotated, the circular “lip” of the lid can rotate slightly. 

One wheel rotates more than one way, and each of the legs on the spacecraft rotates at a different rate. 

Once the landing is complete, the two rockets are removed from the booster and placed into the spacecraft to be fueled.

Each rocket can generate up to 10,000 pounds of thrust.

Once powered, the rocket engines are driven into a small rocket engine that produces the engine’s thrust.

This drives the spacecraft forward and forwards, which can be very helpful in landing on the moon or anywhere else that requires quick maneuverability. 

There are many other things that the Orion spacecraft can do, like send back pictures and video.

The spacecraft can also send images of the moon and other objects to Earth. 

When the spacecraft arrives at the moon in November 2021, it will have spent nearly a year in space.

When it reaches the moon’s surface, the Orion will have made more than 2.7 billion kilometers (1.2 billion miles) of flights.

The Orion spacecraft has also been in space longer than any other spacecraft in human history, reaching more than 14.5 billion kilometers in its first three years.

The craft will be called Orion, but Orion is the name given to the spacecraft by NASA’s engineers.

It is designed to have a maximum diameter of about 12 meters (33 feet) and a mass of about 10 metric tons.

The spacecraft’s orbit will take it around the moon for about 11 months. 

At launch, the spacecraft will have traveled more than 3.2 trillion kilometers (2.1 trillion miles).

Orion will spend roughly 10 months in orbit around the Moon, which could take a little over a year.

The Orion vehicle will be the most advanced spacecraft designed for exploration.

Its design will allow it to travel to many distant places in the solar system, including the far reaches of the asteroid belt.

The $300 million price of the Orion space telescope has raised some eyebrows among those who want to build their own spacecraft.

In a recent article in The New York Times, Jonathan Mayer wrote that he wanted to build a telescope that could see farther than any spacecraft has ever been able to see. 

Mayer’s idea would be to mount his telescope in orbit on the surface of Mars. 

According to Mayer, he would have to build an orbiting telescope to perform a series of experiments on the Martian surface, such as studying how the composition of the surface varies over time.

The observatory would also use the surface to study the atmosphere and land surfaces on Mars.

He writes that he thinks the costs would be $200 million to $300 a piece. 

So far, he has not been able get his idea off the ground.

In addition to being a very ambitious idea, Mayer has not gotten any funding to do so. 

“I’ve heard about some people who have been trying to build the thing,” he told The New Times.

“I’ve had the misfortune

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