NASA is planning to start a mission to Mars to learn how the planet is formed.

The Mars 2020 rover, due to launch in 2022, will take its first measurements of the planet.

Mars 2020, the rover’s official name, is named after the first planet discovered by German astronomer Carl Sagan in 1965.

The mission will also be the first mission to examine a moon and visit Mars as part of a multi-year program to study the planet’s history.

The $1.9 billion mission is intended to study Mars’ history and geography, to study Martian soil and rocks, and to search for evidence of past life.

Mars exploration is currently focused on two goals: first, to learn more about Mars’ atmosphere and the atmosphere of the Red Planet, and second, to find evidence of ancient life.

The current plan is for the rover to visit Mars about 150 times to examine different parts of the surface.

The rover will carry instruments that are expected to detect atmospheric CO 2 , which is the dominant greenhouse gas in Mars’ atmospheres.

The plan calls for the mission to take about 200 Martian years to complete.

The rovers instruments will have a wide range of instruments that will enable scientists to explore the planet, including a magnetometer, a magnetosphere spectrometer, and a Mars-orbiting radar.

The main instrument that will be used on the mission is a spectrometeorometer, which will measure the magnetic field generated by the planet and determine its composition.

The instrument will be able to determine if there is a large enough magnetic field on Mars to generate an atmosphere and how the magnetic fields affect the surface of the Martian surface.

This instrument will also allow researchers to map the distribution of the atmospheric gases.

This information will allow researchers more accurate measurements of Earth’s atmosphere.

The spectrometers will be equipped with a spectrograph, which is a type of radar that looks for variations in the spectrum of light emitted by the Martian atmosphere.

They will also have a thermal camera, which looks for changes in the heat of the atmosphere.

This camera will look for variations that occur due to dust and ice storms.

Scientists will be testing the instruments in the Martian lab in 2018, and in 2020, and 2020 will be the mission’s last.

NASA is also expected to launch a robotic lander on the surface in 2020.

This lander will measure how much of the terrain has been altered by the weathering of the soil.

It will also test how much water is present on Mars.

Scientists are also planning to conduct a study of Martian volcanic activity.

These studies will help scientists understand the nature of volcanic activity in Mars, including whether Mars once had liquid water on its surface.

There are also plans for a landing on Mars that will study whether or not Mars is habitable.

NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are building a $2.5 billion rover called Mars 2020 to explore Mars and to look for signs of ancient or ancient life on the planet before it is colonized by humans.

The goal of the Mars 2020 mission is to determine whether Mars was once habitable.

The lander mission is expected to take between three and seven years to land on Mars, depending on the terrain and the conditions of the mission.

This is a long time for a single mission, and NASA has been careful to not put a price tag on the landing.

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