When NASA launches the Orion spacecraft, the world will watch it, says James Green

Space scientists are planning to launch a new spacecraft from the orbiting outpost, the Orion capsule, in 2020.

The spacecraft will be the first spacecraft to dock with a moon orbiting the moon.

Its launch is expected in late 2018.

It’s the first time NASA has ever launched a spacecraft from its space station.

Orion is the largest rocket in NASA’s fleet and is designed to ferry humans to the moon in about two years.NASA hopes to launch the Orion spaceship on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, which could carry a crew of up to 12 people.

It could also carry the first Orion spacecraft to orbit the moon, which would be a milestone for NASA.

The Orion spacecraft was built by Orbital ATK of Dulles, Virginia, and the Space Launch System (SLS), the main vehicle for the Orion mission.SLS is designed for heavy lift launches, with Orion having a launch weight of nearly 1,600 pounds (619 kilograms).

That would put it in the middle of the space shuttle’s cargo missions.SLC-40 is the first booster designed for Orion and will carry Orion to an altitude of nearly 4,000 feet (1,500 meters).

It will carry the spacecraft for more than four years.

The launch is a big deal for NASA, which has had to wait for SLS for more time than it thought possible.

Its last mission was in 2012.

The new spacecraft is also part of the Orion crew capsule that is being developed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.NASA is planning to carry Orion and SLS crew capsules to the space station for the first flight of the crew capsules.

Orion crew capsules will carry a number of humans to and from the station.

The crew capsule will be used for a short stay at the station in 2021 and then for another seven-day flight in 2022.

It will be joined by a second crew capsule, carrying the astronauts for a final test flight in 2024.

The SLS mission will take place on a Falcon Heavy, the first rocket to be used to carry astronauts to the International Space Station.

Searing up from a Delta IV Heavy rocket booster, the SLS rocket will blast off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 8:47 p.m.

EDT (1747 GMT) Thursday, becoming the sixth rocket to lift astronauts to and beyond the International Spaceport in Houston.

It is NASA’s fourth launch of the year.

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