A lunar mission to the moon has been proposed for decades, but its proponents have never been able to land it on the lunar surface.

Now, a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has proposed a much cheaper and more reliable lunar lander.

They’ve shown that this mission could be conducted with a rover, as opposed to a space station, by using a small rover and a small spacecraft.

Their findings are published online by the journal Science Advances.

The idea behind this mission is to land a spacecraft on the moon and return it to Earth.

The spacecraft would then return to the surface and collect samples.

The rover would collect a sample of water from a lake and put it on a small metal plate.

The plate would be then placed in the water, which would be analyzed for any trace of life.

After it had collected enough samples to be processed, the rover would return to Earth and return to land the spacecraft.

The plan was to have the mission land a small robotic rover on the surface of the moon, but because it would be too small to land on a lunar land, it would need to be designed to land at a site that would allow the rover to reach it safely.

A rover would have to be equipped with a solar array to get enough sunlight to operate, as well as a camera that could photograph the landing site, and a solar-powered parachute that would lift the rover back into the atmosphere.

The team found that they could design a small, lightweight, solar-charged rover using a laser as well, and use that to land with the help of a laser.

The laser is made from silicon dioxide, and is able to travel long distances and penetrate rock, water, and soil, according to the scientists.

The solar-charging device was also able to charge a battery that would recharge the rover.

The technology for this rover could be used for a variety of purposes, the scientists say.

For example, the team says it could be developed for remote sensing and environmental monitoring, where the rover could look at a region of the planet to determine the impact of weather or pollution on the environment.

The research was supported by NASA’s Astrobiology Institute and the Office of Naval Research.

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