NASA and the European Space Agency have been investigating the crash of the Russian probe, Roscosmos, on July 5, 2016, near the Antarctic peninsula of Svalbard.

The search and rescue operation was initiated by the European Southern Observatory, or ESO, a United Kingdom-based organization that monitors the search for survivors from a series of space debris incidents in the 1960s.

The European Space Operations Center (ESOC), headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is a U.K.-based organization which is responsible for the search and recovery of satellites and other objects that have fallen into the ocean.

After the crash, the Russian government, Russia’s space agency, and ESO all issued a statement to state their official views about what happened and what could be learned from it.

The statement, released in English and Russian, is available online and on Twitter.

Here are the major points in the statement: Russian authorities have confirmed that the probe that crashed, Roskosmos, had malfunctioned and was not operational in its planned orbit.

The Russian space agency has released a statement stating that it will “do all it can to establish the cause of the crash and provide the necessary support for the recovery of the crew.”

The U.S. and European space agencies have concluded that Roscosmas was in an incorrect orbit and was travelling too fast for its intended mission, which was to explore the outer solar system.

Roskosmos is the first spacecraft to crash in Antarctica.

ESA has determined that the spacecraft crashed into the Svallund glacier, a deep, arctic shelf, at a velocity of 3,000 kilometers per hour.

“The crash of Roskosms probe in the Svea area of Antarctica is a serious loss for humanity and the scientific community,” said ESA Administrator Sir Roger Bresnan.

“The loss of such a vital scientific satellite is a tragedy for the international scientific community and the wider community.”

Russian space agency Roscosms is one of the largest agencies in space exploration, responsible for all major projects in the field of space exploration.

It was founded in 1957 and was originally based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

It was renamed the Roscosm International Space Center in 1997, but was later renamed as Roscosma in 2020, following a U to R conversion in 2020.

The new name of Roscosmins center was given to the space agency by President Vladimir Putin.

In its statement on the crash on July 8, the U.N. Space Agency (UNSAT) and the Russian space agencies said that the Roskosma was in a low-orbital trajectory and did not have sufficient power to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere.

The two agencies also stated that the mission was in danger of a catastrophic failure, and the investigation into the cause will continue.

Russian President Vladimir V. Putin on Thursday issued a brief statement, saying he had ordered Roskosmas to crash into the ice shelf and to make a complete report on its recovery.

On July 8 and 9, Rosmosmos, the international space agency responsible for Russian space exploration and a component of the European Union’s space industry, conducted a controlled re-entry into the atmosphere and landed safely.

The mission is the largest in space history and was Russia’s third attempt at reaching the outer reaches of space.

Roskosmos crashed into Svalgaard on July 4.

After the crash Rosmos and its Russian space partners said the probe was in the correct orbit, with its speed set to 3,300 kilometers per hr.

Russia and the United States have launched a number of probes in the search, but the Rososmos probe was the first to land in Antarctica, with a crew of seven members.

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